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Cancer is so limited

it cannot cripple love

it cannot shatter hope

it cannot corrode faith

it cannot destroy peace

it cannot silence courage

it cannot suppress memories

it cannot kill friendship

it cannot erode the spirit

it cannot conquer the soul

Green Bay Preble


Green Bay Preble High School STINGCANCER is a passionate and committed collaboration of high school students and staff dedicated to reducing the effects of cancer by initiating and supporting programs and activities for the school and its surrounding community.

Ten years ago, in 2004, Preble High School faculty member Nick Nesvacil and a small group of students and staff started STINGCANCER to raise cancer awareness and to help those affected by cancer. Since then membership has exploded! Today STINGCANCER has expanded into 19 schools in the northeast Wisconsin area, with interest in several other schools.


See the events calendar for more information and details on dates and times. Check out our gallery to see more pictures from our events.

Nick NesvacilWould you like Nick to speak at your next event?

Nick will gladly come and speak to your group or organization. He'll talk about our STINGCANCER group and his own personal struggle with cancer. All he asks for is a donation to the STINGCANCER group in return. Find out more...

Would you like to start a group at your school?

STINGCANCER's mission is to help families affected by cancer. If you share this passion and think you would like to start a STINGCANCER chapter at your school, find out how... Sting It Forward